We Remember… We Must Never Forget

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Nine years ago (how has it been nine years?), my life, as well as all Americans, was profoundly changed. None of us will forget where we were (sitting in a political communications class at Florida State University, having just started my sophomore year), how we felt (overwhelmed & angry), or the immediate days afterward (there was also a wild rumor that, because Jeb Bush was governor of Florida at the time, that someone would try to poison Tallahassee’s water supply, so we should only drink bottled water).

Ironically, we have never been to the Pentagon memorial here in D.C. On the five year anniversary of the attacks, in 2006, we went & sat on a grassy hill overlooking the Pentagon & watched as they lit up 189 lights (64 for the people on American Airline Flight #77, 125 for the people killed in the Pentagon), shooting into the night sky. Maybe this year is finally the year to face whatever emotions will come of it & visit the Pentagon memorial.

Every time I visit New York City, I make it a point to head down to Ground Zero to check out the progress that has been made. On my last visit, I was glad to see that they were actually making real progress. Below are some photos from Ground Zero over the years:

December 2008

Photo © Christina Saull-All Rights Reserved

same view, July 2010

Photo © Christina Saull-All Rights Reserved

Photo © Christina Saull-All Rights Reserved

Photo © Christina Saull-All Rights Reserved

September 11th blog posts from years past:

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