Barbados: George Slept Here

In 1751, when George Washington was 19 years old, he traveled to Barbados (then a British colony) with his half-brother Lawrence, who was suffering from tuberculosis. The trip had been suggested to the Washington’s by the British crown as a method for curing Lawrence’s illness. While in Barbados, George  contracted small pox, becoming immune to the disease […]

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Barbados: Animal Flower Bay

Some signs advertising tourist destinations in Barbados are extremely helpful. They’re large, brown, official looking signs put up by the government to help lost visitors find popular tourist destinations. They’re practically essential since pretty much none of the roads in Barbados have names or street signs or anything identifying one sugarcane lined road from the […]

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Christmas in Barbados

I wanted to share some photos from our Christmas celebration in Barbados. Having never been there at this magical time of year, we weren’t sure what to expect. But, in true Bajan (& Dad) style, we were not disappointed. We stay at my Dad’s condo while we’re there. When you walk in the front door, […]

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The sunsets were cloudy, but amazing, this trip. You might also like… The last sunset…

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The last sunset…

… of 2010! You might also like… Wordless Wednesday: Caribbean yachts Wordless Wednesday: palm trees Silhouette

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these are a few of my favorite things

2010 was an awesome year. We traveled so much, to places I had only dreamed about & to places I once called home. Below are some of my favorite images of the year. We are off to Barbados tomorrow, to spend Christmas with my family.Thank you, dear blog readers, for making 2010 one of the […]

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