Top 10 Best Things to Do & See in Barbados (Part 1 of 2)

An occasional series of recommendations of my favorite places Bathsheba & Round House Inn Restaurant & Bar In my mind, the most fascinating part of the island is the eastern part. There are waves worthy of surfing (& the surfing competitions that are held there), rocky beaches for exploring (rather than swimming) & a restaurant […]

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Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day, my lovely blog readers. Rather than engage in all the romantic hoop-la that is today, why don’t you just head over to the wonderful Inn the Kitchen blog, where I’m guest blogging about a particularly romantic anniversary trip to Seattle a few years ago. Much cheaper than a dozen flowers & much […]

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Foto Friday: Chicago

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Bienvenido a Miami

Remember that Will Smith song from the late 90’s, “Miami?” Whenever I go to Miami, that song plays over & over in my head. Kind of obnoxious. Usually it’s okay, because we’re just in Miami for a quick flight layover on the way to Barbados, but last week I was in Miami for two & […]

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Oh, Travel: Optional Airline Fees

A semi-regular column of my thoughts/opinions/rants on the latest travel news, trends & experiences. There has been much to-do the past year or so about airline fees: $50 for a checked bag here, $40 for a carry on bag there, $10 to use the bathroom (okay, not really. Although we all know RyanAir will get […]

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Hotel Review: Lansdowne Resort; Leesburg, Virginia

Long weekends always pose a problem for me. My urge is to jump on a plane right after work on Friday & not come back until midnight on Monday. I know, at the beginning of the year, that I’m going to have a three-day-weekends in January (MLK Day), February (President’s Day), May (Memorial Day), July […]

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Foto Friday: Las Vegas

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New York City

Hi blog readers. I apologize for the lack of posting this week. There’s a lot on my mind & I haven’t had too many creative writing energies. I promise some regular posting starting later this week though. Speaking of later this week, I’m headed down to Miami for a few days to help a family […]

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Foto Friday: Florence

No words, just photos. How about a little alliteration to kick this thing off?One of my favorite places in the entire world: the beautiful city of Florence, Italy You might also like… Foto Friday: Pompeii Foto Friday: Palermo, Sicily Foto Friday: the Vatican & Rome

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Restaurant Review: Tapas; Christ Church, Barbados

Like many of the places along the Hastings Main Road in Barbados, the building which houses Tapas restaurant doesn’t look like much from the street. The parking lot is small, often full, & easily missed if you’re not looking for it. The hostess station is bustling with locals & tourists trying to get a table […]

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